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Default Re: First Blu-ray music album released!

Originally Posted by Enoch View Post
If you do, I'm in. 'Cause I LOVE DVD-A. I'm crushed it lost to SACD. I hear more air around the instruments with a warmth that SACD hasn't yet shown me.
I think they both had merits, I personally think SACD had the technological edge, but that is sort of a moot point now as for all intents and purposes, both are dead now.

The sonic differences you speak of are also so dependent on the mix, mastering transfers etc, and I have found exceptional DVD-A and SACD discs as well as really crappy DVD-A and SACD's, so I can't honestly say which format is 'better' as the software is so much of the equation....

It's sort of like the beginning of the Blu-ray vs HD DVD format war, everyone said HD DVD had a better picture, when it was really just the initial Blu-rays were crappy transfers.
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