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Default Re: I am hooked on Deadliest Catch (discovery HD)

Originally Posted by kennyt View Post

I know you likely already saw the new episode, but Kieth is starting to take my second best captain vote, Sig still rules, and DAMN the guy can haul some crab! His Opie string averaged >600/pot!

Andy Hilstrand has those amphetamine eyes, he looks so flippin' jacked up it's hard to believe they put him on TV!!!

Poor Paul, he's screwed, do you think he'll go out on one engine??
I think you mean Phil on the Cornelia Marie, he better not go out on 1 engine, opie season has worse weather than King crab season & it would be foolish to do so.
I wondered if Phil's heart would explode before his engine!

Screw those captains, Edgar Hanson is an iron man!
When he & Sig had the contest to see who could go longer Edgar working his butt off on the deck outlasted Sig who was sitting on his butt in the wheelhouse!
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