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Red face Re: New Blu-ray and HD DVD Players This Holiday Season

I think I will wait until the Christmas season for a player. I only wish I knew what format to go with… blu-ray or hd-dvd? I have been watching this technology intensely since I had seen the blu-ray prototypes online, what, 4 or 5 years ago and I’m still uncertain. It looks like Blu-ray is ahead by a few points, but, this opinion is only based on what I have read on the Internet (with a grain of salt). Do you think that there will be a winner, or will one snuff the other out and vice versa as with hd audio… or, will there be a third player to come in at the 12th hour and render both formats obsolete? Anyway, can anyone recommend to me, based on first hand experience, which format I should go with in December?
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