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Originally Posted by Robinson_A View Post
The shoot went great. The cast and crew were an absolute delight and made the whole process so enjoyable. Out of all the set experiences I've had in my career this shoot was by far the most friendly, stress free, and heartfelt I've ever had the privilege of working on. Dalsa Digital's 4K Origin cameras, while large, produce a stunning picture that doesn't rival film but beats it by a wide margin. The range to every frame is staggering which is already making my post guys foam at the mouth there's just so much tweaking room. Black levels are superb and despite some pretty impressive lighting set ups we were unable to make the camera clip in the high lights. I've already spoken to them about using them exclusively for all future projects. Here is a shot from on set of the team in action. I must stress that these are NOT screen grabs and do not reflect the final output of the film.

Sounds like you'll have an excellent starting point to get a great Blu-Ray transfer!
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