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Default Monster Announces Wireless HD Kit

Monster just announced a joint effort with Sigma Designs, for a wireless HDTV kit. The Monster Wireless Digital Express HD hooks a home’s HDTV with a digital signal box or DVD player, and promises full 1080p video 30 feet away using the ultra-wideband or 330 feet over existing coaxial cable. The new product uses Sigma’s Wireless HDAV for High-Definition (HD) A/V cable replacement as well as its UWB-over-Coax technology.

“Sigma’s UWB allows us to continue offering our customers the quality service levels they’ve come to expect,” says Monster’s Noel Lee. “Together, we are achieving a ‘virtual wireless’ solution for the whole home by combining wireless for in-room HD content streaming and UWB-over-Coax for room-to-room streaming.”

The system includes a receiver, which plugs into your HDTV’s HDMI port. There’s also a transmitter to connect to the signal source, such as a cable box.

The AP says that the equipment will run about $300. Monster’s Wireless Digital Express HD products will hit shelves by October 2008.
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