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Default Re: Does any 7.1 AV receiver have selectable rears in 5.1 mode?


I just downloaded and reviewed the manual for the Denon 4308, and it does not seem to do what I want... unless I am missing something.

It has "surround" A & B plus "rear" L/R connections. You can select between surround A, surround B, and surround A+B from any source, but there is no way to redirect the "surround" source material to the "rear" speakers (and turn off the surrounds), which is what I want to do for 5.1 hi-res audio.

I can do this today using the 7.1 analog inputs, but I want to be sure when I upgrade my receiver I will be able to do this when my source marterial comes in through HDMI.

I shall continue my search.... maybe Pioneer Elite, Onkyo or Yamaha?

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