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Default Re: ...I see angels Mickey...

Originally Posted by kennyt View Post
OK, so I am the only freak who goes flippin' nuts for this film......

I did manage to turn a good friend onto it, he and I sat and laughed (yes, I do not find this films violence obscene, but comic book style funny) through the whole film!

"...if I was going to be a serial killer, I'd be mickey and Mallory Knox!"
I was lucky enough to attend an Academy Screening at the Museum of Modern Art in 1992, and Oliver Stone brought the film reels himself - timed by him at Technicolor.

It was one of the most intensely colorful and sick features I have ever seen. I must have seen it at least 30 times since.

I can't wait to see the BD on my Sony SRX-R110 - the colors should be as close to that first screening as any show I have seen since. But the sound - WOW, I can't wait for the sound!
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