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Default Re: Is Harmony's new 1000 remote a good alternative to AMX and Crestron?

I still am using this remote almost daily and must say, for those of us not able/willing to shell out the $$ for the upper level controllers, it is! In all my use of this remote, I have only had one glitch that required me to remove the battery from the remote to let it reboot. Otherwise it has performed flawlessly, and I can't say enough good things about the Harmony software interface. Changing components out is a breeze and customizing the remote is equally simple. Try that with you Crestron or AMX gear!!!

For me, who lives in a house built in 1988, the idea of running wire through all the walls to add solid automation is insane, so I don't need most of the features the AMX or Crestron or Control 4 offer, this is clearly the way to go! FWIW I was reading the new smarthome catalog last night, and if I wanted to, I could easily automate my home with this remote, so long as I was willing to swap out all the switches in the house. This would be at least an order of magnitude cheaper than hardwiring and don't for get I still wouldn't need the high end remote!
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