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Default Re: Turntable shopping.. any help?

I know what you mean, arms, carts and Phono preamps all add to the equation, and what started out as an experiment has, as much of my hobbies do, gone to the high end, and I suspect for the tables I listed, with arms, cart, PP and possibly two channel pre with HT passthrough will run me well over $10K, oh and I need to add to my rack too.... so more $$..

I have given serious consideration to buying a TT that comes fully equipped for <$1K, but the upper end gear looks so cool, it's tough to avoid.

Maybe I should just buy a KAS 1200 and see how it all goes for a while and if I go full on analog, so be it, then upgrade........

.........but DAMN the Avid Acurutus looks BA!!!!
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