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Default Welcome everyone

So, it appears my film, April Showers, has been given its own section here on AVRevforum. I encourage anyone who may have a question about the film or the process to please direct them to me here. Aside from questions, I'll be using this space to update you all on the post production process as we take native 4K footage and prepare it for the theatrical and home markets. I will also be discussing the sound mixing and scoring process as well as final output/color correction. Please weigh in with your comments or concerns as we go. Suggestions are always appreciated and look for exclusive content that will only be available to readers as well as a chance to screen the film in its raw form. It's full steam ahead as we work diligently to make our September deadline. Picture lock is only four weeks away! So welcome everyone, and I look forward to your questions and sharing this exciting process with all of you.
Andrew Robinson

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