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Default Does any 7.1 AV receiver have selectable rears in 5.1 mode?

Does any 7.1 receiver (or pre/pro) allow the user to select which pair of surround speakers to use (L/R surround, or L/R surround back) as the surround speakers when playing a 5.1 source?

This feature is important to me for 5.1 multi-channel audio. I'll explain...

I have a 7.1 setup that uses the Dali IKON line of speakers. I use the Phantom in-wall model in the ceiling as the L/R surround. I made the in-ceiling compromise because it best suited the room, and I only intend these speakers to be used for movies, not multi-channel music. I use the IKON on-wall model as the L/R surround back in a position well suited for multi-channel music. I connect the L/R surround of the 5.1 analog output from my SACD/DVD-A player to the L/R surround back of the 7.1 input on my receiver so that I can use the on-wall speakers (rather than the in-ceiling) for DVDA/SACD.

This setup works excellent! But what happens with new Hi-Res formats like Dolby True-HD or DTS Master-HD with audio transferred over HDMI? (assuming multi-channel music will some day be released on these formats) What if I want to transfer SACD/DVDA over HDMI in the future? How can I redirect the surround channels to the on-wall speakers?

Hopefully this is all making sense. Does anyone know of any receivers (or pre/pro) that can do what I am asking? Any other suggestions?

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