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Originally Posted by kennyt View Post
I had some friends who used to ride in 1/4" race leathers regardless of heat. If you dump at any real speed, jeans are jut one more thing to pick out of your flesh! At least heavy race leathers will burn off and if you keep shifting your weight, you won't get hurt too bad, unless you slide into something!

Oh, Moose, FWIW having been an anesthesiologist in level 1 and 2 trauma centers for most of my career, I can say when a biker crashes, the road rash is usually the LEAST of their worries, in many cases this is true even with a helmet!!!!!

Why do you think we in the medical field call them 'Donorcycles'???

Young, previously heathy brain dead people are your best source for organs for the needy, and motorcycles help supply a huge percentage of those organs. Not being judgmental here, just the facts.
I've been a Firefighter for almost 27 years so I know where your coming from!
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