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For those of you that remember the 70`s and 80`s, Jazz at this point in time, was in my opinion, at its creative best. And one of the best bands that showcased this, was Return To Forever. Stanley, Chick, Al, and Lenny. Great musicians and great music.

Now after many years and solo projects from each, they have re-united together. Tour dates have been announced, and the reviews have been excellent.

Likewise, a new two disc set has been released at the end of May entitled, Anthology. Never before has the classic Electric-era music of this iconic band received the premium treatment as heard on Anthology. Newly remastered and remixed in digital precision with handcrafted care, and from the original master tapes, this collection reveals in stunning new clarity the band that helped launch a musical movement.

Return To Forever personally selected tunes from Hymn of the Seventh galaxy, Where have I Known You before, No Mystery and Romantic Warrior and over saw the remix of Grammy winning engineer Mick Guzauski. The two-disc set features new expansive liner notes, personal recollections from each member of the band and a host of rare unseen photos. Over two hours of crystalline, powerful music from the band that defined jazz-rock fusion.
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