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Default Re: B&W 800D vs Defintive 7000SC

Originally Posted by DenonDefinitive View Post
Well, Andrew Robinson & Daryl Wilkinson (Home Theater Magazine) both said in their separate independent reviews that the BP7000SCs sound like they cost FOUR times their price, which would put them around $22,000.

So I'm just wondering how they would compare the BP7000SCs with the 800Ds, which are around $23,000. Just out of curiosity.
Yes, I did say the DefTech's sound (don't remember saying 4 times but if I did I did) better than their price would have you believe. This is a common association with DefTech not because reviewers are lazy but because DefTech makes one hell of a loudspeaker. For the audiophile or HT enthusiast on a budget they are my go to pick above all others. That being said I know plenty of people with cost no object lifestyles that choose DefTech over other marquee brands because they (DefTech's) are that good. I really don't like it when folks attribute a dollar amount with quality or performance. I've had plenty of high ticket items in my home that sound like utter crap. As well as various low rent products that kick the tar out of higher priced items. Personally, I love when a lower priced product out performs the competition for it means that more people are going to be able to share in the experience of owning and enjoying quality audio and/or video playback. Are DefTech's for everyone? No. If you want 800D's then get them, for they are very capable speakers and a personal fav of mine as well. However, like Ken, for my money DefTech makes a fantastic speaker. Bottom line is what ever fits your tastes and your wallet is going to be the best speaker for you despite what reviewers like myself say and that's the way it should be.
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