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Default Re: Blu-ray Wins! But The Real Format War Has Only Just Begun

Blu-ray may have won out as the lone HD disc format but the format war is being played from all sides from downloads to discs. I watch them all very closely and see the good and the bad in both. As a person who has now worked in the native 4K realm every option is a compromise on more than a few levels. My down converted dailies are 1080p and look horrid compared to the native files. It would be easy to snub my nose and say all the HD options are going to make a hash of my baby but that's stupid because with 4K at the helm I have more than enough data to play with to make every option look great, knowing full well that 98 percent of the world will never see the footage in its true glory. As a filmmaker the idea is to have people see your film and this means every format from Blu-ray to AppleTV. We've never had a singular format and we never will. DVD always competed with TV and On Demand, just as Blu-ray competes with downloads etc. The trick is making your content look as good as can be for whatever format the end user chooses.
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