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Default Re: Wal-Mart Boosts Volume of Blu-ray and Hi Def

I have yet to step foot inside a Wal-Mart for any reason. But I did pop into my local Best Buy yesterday to see what Blu-ray goodies I've missed while on location and their selection was sparse at best. I asked a salesperson about it and was told that since the demise of HD DVD they've had a hard time keeping Blu-ray's in stock. BB has some aggressive incentives by way of buy two get one free as well as many titles listed at $19.99. I bought Twister and a few others for $20 a pop but it seems studios need to do a better job meeting the sudden demand. PS3's were also SOLD OUT at my BB as were many of the entry level Blu-ray players from Sony and Panasonic. I did see that one of BB's Vizio like brands (name escapes me) has their own BR player for sale now. It was listed at $300 however, lacked true HD audio support. I almost bought it for review. Perhaps I still will...
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