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Default Re: Blu-ray Wins! But The Real Format War Has Only Just Begun

Originally Posted by TheMoose View Post
Well now that Comcast is testing bandwidth limiting for their internet customers how do you think this will effect downloadable HD movies?
If you have a 5G monthly limit on your internet that'll be less than a HD movie so you are going to have to pay extra to your IP for going over your limit which means you'll have to get a package with higher limits.
How much are you willing to pay for HD downloads?
$4.99 for a 720p movie with lossy audio & $150 a month to your IP for enough bandwidth to download several movies a month?

Blu-Ray movies don't look so expensive now do they!
Everything is starting to look expensive now!!! Gas is predicted to reach $7.00 a gallon by December 31 st!!! I've curtailed my desire for that tube CD player - and bought one of my last pieces of tech for a while (a 42 inch 1080p Phillips - just like the one I bought for my son - the last piece will be a Xonar HDAV 1.3 soundcard for my HTPC). This whole thing is getting crazy! BD's have to come down in price...period. The economy is not helping. I still buy BD's, but no more than 2 at a time. The PQ and AQ is superior to anything out there, and I will still buy must haves - but movies that I'm questionable about - I've been waiting until the movie shows up on my HD cable channels to view it first. If I really like it - I buy it, if not - I pass. By the way I use Mediacom and I believe that they are throttling customers internet service also (mine goes at blinding speed while people who I know do a lot of downloading - their speeds crawl like dial-up!!!
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