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Default Re: A re-examining of the PS3


Put one in your system and A-B it to the stand alone players, I just re-did this test with mine (an 80 G model with v2.35 firmware) to my Sony BDP-S1, both using identical HDMI cables, the PS3 has weak edge detail and color saturation compared to the Sony BDP-S1, and this is Sony's FIRST Blu-ray player, I can't imagine how the 2000ES compares to it.

Yes, it has super fast load times and is capable of profile 2.0, but the remote is blue tooth, so a total PITA for universal remote users as none can be programmed to control it, IR/Blue tooth relayers are around but I haven't tried on yet to comment on them.

Even via HDMI I do not find the audio as good, it seems to lack bass definition and control, and while it will output DTS HD MA, it will only do so in MC PCM, I want it to do bitstream.... OK, minor gripe, but I had to air it!
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