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Default Re: Why did Toshiba really drop the HD-DVD Ball?

Originally Posted by The Kipnis Studios View Post
It still takes me 3 min 26 second to cue up Ratatouille on my BDP-S1, though the PS3 is good to go in about 57 seconds
I think we all can agree, SOny had a unique opportunity with the PS3, namely game sales, so they sold a BLu-ray player that should have cost God only knows how much as a game system so you'd (well, I have!) buy the $59.99 games for it, and for many, TONS of games....

Game consoles have historically been sold at a loss as the games are so over priced, just look at GTA IV selling >$400 Million in a week when it cost $100 Million to make to see why they are willing to do this......

Toshiba I think tried this idea on HD DVD, but for whatever reason, it failed....

I still run the BDP-S1 in my main rig, as well as a PS3, the audio and video are better to me on the BDP-S1, so I will wait for the turn on time and load time for the quality.....

Now, something no one is griping about is the load time of PS3 games!!!

Grand Theft Auto IV takes several minutes to load!!! Clearly longer than most of my Blu-rays, especially with the newest firmware installed.!
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