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Default Re: Comcast Tests a New Bandwidth Throttle

Originally Posted by The Kipnis Studios View Post
But in this case, where no bandwidth restriction was in play before (except due to local traffic requirements), it is now quite clear that - very shortly - bandwidth will become the next great sales pitch and excuse for bad performance.
Haven't I been saying this all along????

Bandwidth will limit downloads, this is just a new way for the companies to keep us from reaping the benefits of technology. In some ways, I understand, bandwidth costs the companies, but if you give me 3Mbps, it shouldn't have a cap on total downloads, it should be the rate you promised and nothing less. If I want to download video 24/7/365, then so what??? The provider guaranteed me a rate, I shouldn't be penalized for use unless the providers go to a per/meg fee......

Did I just really type that? This will be the new cell phone drama!

How many megs do you use???

Face it, if I thought of it, someone in corporate has as well.....
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