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Angry Re: Toshiba knows no shame, plans to release super resolution dvd player

While I don't blame Toshiba for trying to capitalize on their technology, if a $25k Faroudja or $45k Snell & Wilcox can't bridge the gap between HD and DVD, well - what is going to.

In the end, 720 x 480i (or p) is just that = 345,600 pixels! No amount of technology can improve that to look identical to 1920 x 1080(p?) = 2,073,600 pixels.

This is last ditch attempt to recover from this HD-DVD debacle, and it reeks of last minute scrambling and floundering about.

Even my personal choice of the Mark Levinson No. 51 DVD Media Player (which was hand made to spec and sold less than 130 pieces worldwide at US $20k) falls far short of HDTV 1080p. But, it has better color resolution and sound decoding for DVDs than any other player manufactured, thus far.

I keep hoping - and I keep coming up with . . . near to nothing!
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