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Default Re: Why did Toshiba really drop the HD-DVD Ball?

I honestly don't know, we here @ AVRev have discussed this to death, I myself started out as a die hard Blu-ray fan, Andrew was more into HD DVD. Over time, I had to admit HD DVD had an edge, their initial titles had better transfers, the players were, like Apple, proprietary, so they worked, and they were cheaper, though they lacked storage space relative to Blu-ray.

So I think it falls to studio support/titles, though HD DVD had many good titles, and even good old ones (I bought my first HD DVD player, the Toshiba HD-XA1 (total POS BTW)) when I found out Blazing Saddles came out on HD DVD, and though the format war is over, I still have a slot in my reference rig for my Toshiba HD-XA2, which is an off the charts good SD DVD scaler as well.

I have to go with what was my initial reason that Blu-ray should beat HD DVD, storage space, so that is my vote!
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