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Default Re: First Blu-ray music album released!

I got this disc today and wanted to update you on it.

First off, it's a double disc, it comes with an SACD/CD and a Blu-ray disc.

The Blu-ray has all the formats including DTS HD MA and Dolby True HD options, and while classical, is a genre I am frankly rather ignorant of, this disc is full of very pleasant music to listen to, and I must say it makes for an amazing system demo!!!! Add in the fact you can A-B it to MC SACD and it will prove to all that the new codecs are king!

I briefly A-B'd both formats, the Blu-ray in my Sony BDP-S1, the SACD in the Denon DVD-5910CI via D-Link III to the Denon AVP-A1HDCI, and I can say the Blu-ray was significantly better in dynamics, clarity and texture. Strings sounded REAL with the Blu-ray version, where they were somewhat digital with SACD.

Yes, I know what you all are thinking, this from an SACD fan????


Blu-ray may be the best audio format we've seen to date bar none! If music gets put out on this format, I will buy every disc I ever listen to again, well as long as the original was recorded even remotely well.

Even if you don't like classical, and you own a Blu-ray player and a receiver/pre/pro that can pass the new codecs, you should immediately order this disc for a demo for your friends! Their jaws will drop when they hear just how amazing this disc sounds!
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