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Default Re: Imagine Hendrix Photos in HIGH Res with his music in 24/192 stereo on Blu-ray

Unfortunately Jerry, I think we already have the answer. I`m not certain of this, but we have discussed it in length before. Everything you say here is true, makes sense, is logical, will make money, etc.

However, in our discussions, I mentioned to you, that the heads, or those in charge of these labels today, are not music lovers, but business people. What does that really mean? No passion for the music, the sound of it, how it is reproduced, etc. So though you make perfect sense, there is no interest there. They are only concerned about the next, great, new artist, thats all!!!

Now, this obviously is just what I think. Not a fact, that I know of anyway. For, if this is not the case, then as you said Jerry, why isn`t this happening?

My two cents.
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