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Default Re: Is Esoteric's DV50 any good?

Well, I have the G98DH's too, though it's been sitting in the box since I sold my 861...

The G series doesn't play SACD's, so yes, but no. I love the meridian combo for DVD-A and CD, given how often I use SACD, I could live with it alone, but since I own both, I keep them both in the mix when I can.

I still have ~40 or more SACD's, so I like to have something to play them in. Basically when I had them both hooked up, it depended on what I was doing, sometimes I'd use the DV-50s when I just wanted to drop a disc in and have it play no matter what format. When I knew I wanted CD or DVD-A, I'd use the Meridian.
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