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Default Re: Hillary and Barack in a threeway at Dianne's house?

I disagree. There are NOT enough Jesus-freak evangelicals OR commie liberals to elect ANYONE. You need the middle and Hillary represents the middle.

Obama doesn't sell well in my old home state of PA. Hillary sells well there, in OH, in MI, in FLA and NJ-NY-CT.

You gotta pull from the middle to win.


McCain's to win how?

Bush's popularity rating is below 30%. Oil is at $139 a barrel up 300% in 18 months while his cronies are getting rich. 4100 Americans are dead in Iraq and McCain is saying "we will be there for 100 years" and "we are winning this war". Really? Not in the eyes of voters.

Oh, I almost forgot - a 6 foot 5 Muslim extremist piece of **** on kidney dialasys is still living in a cave somewhere in Afganistan or Pakistan and we can seem to find him. Are we even looking? Do you think voters will allow republicans another 7 years to catch him before he does something else other than make us look like fools?

I think this is Barack's to win but he has some work to do. This is NO cake walk. The next Reverend Wright can scare the middle of the road voters right back to McCain.
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