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Default I am hooked on Deadliest Catch (discovery HD)

I am hooked on this reality show and I don't even know why.

Crab fishing is reportedly the most dangerous job in the world and watching the show you can see why. The people who do the job are either 4th generation fishermen or convicts looking for fast money - which they can make doing this work. They also can get killed.

The captains are about as typical as you might expect. Cigarette smoking, hard drinking rogues who you quickly grow to love. Sig Hansen is my favorite and his boat, the Northwestern, is frequently one of the top producers with his deckhands making as much as $50,000 per trip. Others struggle through hardships - much like in our own lives. Metaphorically, who hasn't plunked down their crab pots to pull them up and find them empty. Just ask my stock broker - he does that for me over and over again. I guess crab fishing is a metaphor for life?

Who are your favorite characters? Boats? Why do you watch the show?
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