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Default An old saying from USC

One of my old professors at USC Music School used to have a saying about audio that goes

"you can rub all you want but you can NOT polish a terd!"

And he is right when it comes to digital. Upconversion can only do so much. Don't get me wrong - I love my DVDO VP50 pro. It DOES clean up some ugly messes but it does NOT make DVDs look like HD. It doesn't make SDTV look like DVD - it just makes SD look less terrible.

In Dale Carnegie's "How to Win Friends and Influence People" there is a line that says "admit your mistakes quickly and enthusiastically" and Toshiba isn't doing that. Face it - you lost. Make the best BR player you can and sell it with your very good HDTVs. Put it in your laptops. Hell, be a price leader and sell volumes of players. Make a $4,000 player and be a technological leader. Do something other than put out a upscaling DVD player.
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