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Default Re: Wal-Mart Boosts Volume of Blu-ray and Hi Def

As snobby as it sounds - I went into a Wal-Mart for the first time ever when in Nebraska seeing the making of Andrew and my movie "April Showers". I needed another movie for the trip back to LA as I GOUGED my Entourage disc quite nicely and it wouldn't play.

Wal-Mart was HUGE and they had a lot of DVDs for sale but their selection pales in comparison to Best Buy. Its not even close. I am not sure how the studios could get more shelf space for Blu-ray software but there clearly are the titles out there to support it and Wal-Mart physically could fit it.

Note: in West Los Angeles there are no Wal-Marts that I know of. There simply isn't the space to put such a large store into the landscape. Same with Costco. The closest Costco is in the "valley" or in Marina Del Rey. You have to REALLY need to make a Costco trip if you live in West LA. Call me a snob if you must but I just don't want to drive and I like to support local, indy stores and I will pay a little more to do it. When it comes to BR discs - I am forced to Best Buy. Their location is good and their selection is HUGE. Just don't ask their staff for help because they don't have a CLUE for the most part. Magnolia is better but not Best Buy.
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