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Default Re: 2008 Blu-ray sales already surpass all of 2007!

The fact that Blu-ray has made it into 8% of homes in its first two years is powerful ESPECIALLY when considering the format war.

Mainstream people now know that the war is over but Blu-ray is failing right now to get players to be cheap enough to really inspire huge adoption rates - the likes seen by DVD at 91% of US households. Granted, that took some time but at $300 per player its still a little slow.

One thing I don't like as a Mac user is their so-called support of the format but no laptops with a player in it. Hell, they don't have ANY computers with a BR drive. I use m laptop on airplane (which I am on WAY TOO MUCH THESE DAYS) and I don't download movies in SD thus a Macbook Air isn't really a good option. Moreover, you can't remove the battery thus you can't get from coast to coast watching TV shows (just finihed Sopranos and I am done with the first season of Entourage) like I like to do when bouncing from coast to coast.
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