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Default Hillary's speach

I just watched Hillary's speech and she was very gracious as a loser. Honestly, she spun her loss as a victory of sorts. Imagine that - a politician turning lemons into lemonade. Isn't there a war in Iraq where our fearless current leader is doing the same thing with the souls of almost 4,100 Americans waiting to haunt him for eternity?

What I thought was of note is the CNN/Opinion Research poll that shows Hillary supporters are NOT on board with Barack yet. Much like in sports - if you can trade for your most hated (but very talented) player from the opposing team - you DO IT. Obama needs to do just this because he COULD lose to John McCain no matter what the polls said. Bush had no right winning a second term with Bin laden being left off the hook yet Kerry (like most wimpy Democrats) left him off the hook for that fact while Karl Rove (scumbag) swiftboated Kerry out of the white house allowing the war to continue and oil prices to hit $139 a barrel yesterday when the fixed costs are about $52. Anybody who voted for Bush should get a $1 per gallon stupidity tax that can go to Exxon Mobil or the House of Saud.

As my Dad says - these days with the media the way it is - nothing is predictable in politics thus this election will be exciting to watch.
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