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Default Re: Are Plasma HDTVs On Their Way Out the Door?

I have not seen all, but installers I know say the plasmas are still far better. I am told it is like solid state vs tube in audio. Most people like tube when they hear good tube equipment because it has a more real aspect to it. As for me, I have seen a lot of various flat panel LCDs as have most people. Some are better then others but almost all need calibrating, in at least a minor way, to look their best. I can say this, I recently was looking at a 50" or so flat panel in a friend's house and marveling at how good it looked. I "got it" and turned to the owner and said, "It is a plasma, isn't it?" It was a Runco plasma. The picture put all other sets I had seen to shame. Now I have seen a lot of Runco LCDs and never saw any artifact or motion problems in them and really liked the pictures, especially on a new 50 some odd inch one I saw just a few days ago, but the Runco plasma is a good arguement for plasma's not going away.
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