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Default Hillary and Barack in a threeway at Dianne's house?

Its time to talk a little politics here.

Reports on CNN came out that Finestein brokered a meeting between the two dems in Washington DC. Obama has the deligates to win but not the states needed to win the big prize. Hillary does. I am sure that was discussed last night in detail.

Hillary could be a MAJOR threat if she was slighted by Obama for the VP as she could run as an Indy. If she did and won CA, PA, NJ, OH, FL, WV - she could beat both McCain and Obama. If she loses - she ruins the Clinton legacy which is pretty good (longest boom economy, peace etc...)

The Unity Ticket is the best bet as Obama could actualy lose to McCain despite Bush's terrible popularity ratings, war record etc... One terrorist attack and the country might vote red again. The Unity Ticket gets basically three presidents. From my view, thats better than one. Send Bill to mend relationships around the world. Have Hillary deal with domestic issues and let Obama run the entire show.

The big issue is: Obama promises CHANGE and Hillary doesn't represent change. She is old Washington. She needs to get on board with that concept and buy into his program or she will not be the VP and I wouldn't blame him for not picking her if that were the case.

What say you on this topic?
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