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Default Re: New Aperion Audio speakers

20hrs is the STARTING point. They definitely need more! I have about 14hrs on them now and they are smoother but some things can be quite biting. Granted all I have is the center going. We will see what happens as this breaks in some more.

What I'm hearing now really has me debating what I want to do. It sounds as if it will mellow out some more with time. But with the new price points being much higher than the previous models, these are not as competitively priced as they used to be. I also had a recent listen to Revel Concerta's F12 towers, and was quite impressed. These are in a very similar price and not as bright sounding. The dealer will give me the same 30 day in home listen as Aperion and refund the full amount if I don't want them. This is a tempting offer.

My 30 day listen is to begin when all items arrive, so later in the month when to towers come in I can do some more serious listening and I will post my thoughts. But knowing me I'm in that 2% of people who send them back.
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