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Default Re: B&W 800D vs Defintive 7000SC

Originally Posted by DenonDefinitive View Post
It's really amazing how so many people differ in their listening impressions.

Could it be because of the Source, Room Acoustics, Speaker Placement are the cause of this huge discrepancy?

I mean just because some of us disagree with other people does not make the other people idiots, does it?

I have a friend who lives in Tampa, FL. He keeps on telling me that I need to visit him so that he can take me to this famous place to audition all these high-dollar speakers like the Revel Salon2, B&W 800D, Wilson-Audio WattPuppy, and other speakers like Paradigm S8 & DefTech BP7000SCs.

He says that he has auditioned all these speakers. He said the Wilson Audio was the best one. But that the B&W, Revel, Paradigm, & DefTech were extremely close in sound quality. The build quality may be different, but he said the overall sound quality were very close. He said he thought the Paradigm S8 was the best for HIM so he bought them. But he also said he was NOT impressed with the 800Ds either. He thought the BP7000SC had the best Bass, but the S8 had the best tweeters, which was more important to him.
Some people are also partially deaf, but that does not stop them from giving their opinion.
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