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Default Re: B&W 800D vs Defintive 7000SC

Originally Posted by DenonDefinitive View Post
Well, Andrew Robinson & Daryl Wilkinson (Home Theater Magazine) both said in their separate independent reviews that the BP7000SCs sound like they cost FOUR times their price, which would put them around $22,000.
Well, I must agree with this, as I reviewed the Def Tech Mythos ST's (two pairs) and Ten center, and I feel the same way.

My benchmark was the Revel Salon2's, which I was full on ready to sell my Benz and buy until I spent some time with the Def Tech's. Don't get me wrong, the Revels do things better than the DT's, but when it came down to dropping the coin, I couldn't justify the price difference for the performance difference, and am still to this day very happy with the Def Tech's.

So, in effect I agree with both of you, Captain Stereo is right, DT's aren't B&W 800D's, but you are right in that the DT's are great speakers, especially for the money.

I always try to tell people to go listen to anything you are interested for yourself, and let YOUR ears decide. We reviewers all have our own ears and like what we like, while we try to best explain what we hear, it is what YOU hear that matters for your purchases, so let your ears be the judge!

BTW I still do not own the Revel Salon2's, and still have some of the Def Tech's in my main HT........
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