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Default Re: B&W 800D vs Defintive 7000SC

Originally Posted by DenonDefinitive View Post
Well, Andrew Robinson & Daryl Wilkinson (Home Theater Magazine) both said in their separate independent reviews that the BP7000SCs sound like they cost FOUR times their price, which would put them around $22,000.

So I'm just wondering how they would compare the BP7000SCs with the 800Ds, which are around $23,000. Just out of curiosity.
Reviewers insist on doing that, and it's baffling. They're using their own personal sense of value and declaring it as the "truth" for you and anyone else. That any Def Tech sounds like even the least expensive B&W 800 series speaker is truly laughable. No flaming intended here, I realized you're just asking the question. But don't let some dimwitted reviewer who clearly can't afford 800D's make decisions for you.

Cheers................Scott W.
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