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Default Re: New Aperion Audio speakers

I just ordered the 6T and 6C. The towers are on back order but the center came out within a few days. This is my first experience with Aperion so all I had to go by was the various reviews. So far I have to say I am very impressed with the cabinet quality and finish.

The sound out of the box was bad, listen to what everyone says and break them in. After an hour they sounded better. I still want to run it for at least 8hrs before I listen more (20 is the recommended place to start before listening).

But the sound coming out is growing on me. It is smooth yet revealing. The center has a wonderful clarity and just sounds right. Voices sound like they should and it throws the sound out very evenly at all the listening positions.

Thats where I'm at for now. Looking forward to my 6T's later this month.
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