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Default Re: What's you dream system?

I have been thinking more about this, and damn I am hard to please!

No wonder I can't pick gear!

I think if I had my way, I'd have a rocking two channel rig fused with my HT. I am talking about an Avid Acutus Reference TT, phono pre and Koetsu Rosewood cartridge, tubed pre all worked in with the Meridian 861v9 or whatever the TOTL is then, and of course the mated 800 series player, the EMM Labs CDSD SE and DAC 6e SE, as well as the AMR 77 and Nagra CDP (you might want variety, and the 800 does DVD-A, the Meitner (EMM Labs) does SACD and the Nagra, well, because it's flippin' Nagra!), the TOTL BLu-ray player made, and a PS3 as I likely won't have finished GTA IV by then.

Each speaker would need at least one, maybe two mono-blocks sporting as close to four digit power output as I liked the sound of per and of course wiring would be Transparent Opus MM2 throughout (well, I might even calm down somewhere and just use Reference MM2 for the cable box!)

I want a dedicated power transformer for my home, and would pay the power company for it, run my own dedicated star ground run with heavy gauge silver coated copper wire to maximize grounding. Each component would run off it's own power regenerator (though even I must admit this is extreme overkill, but while your dreaming, go big!)

Most importantly the room would be designed with nothing but sonics in mind and be built to whatever crazy spec Bob Hodas desired. I figure I am at least $1,000,000 if not closer to $1.5 by now depending on where you live........

This I think would truly keep me from wanting to upgrade, for a while!

I have five Lotto tickets for tomorrow's $25,000,000 prize here in Florida and IF I win.......
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