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Originally Posted by JerryDelColliano View Post
Find me 25 SACD and DVD-Audio discs you might want to buy and I would fall over in shock. There just aren't any released.
I'm a brand new member here, but in response to the above quote: just log onto Telarc's website and click onto the SACD section and start counting. There are far more than 25 there that I want myself.

I fairly recently got into SACD's (2-channel only) with a purchase of the remarkable Marantz SA-8001 SACD player. My purpose in buying it was largely the outstanding reviews it had received for standard, "redbook" CD playback, and I regarded the fact that it also played SACD's as purely secondary.

After purchasing a handful of SACD's (mostly Telarc, and in particular, remasters of older Telarc recordings originally done via the Soundstream digital tape recorder), I have to give the SACD format a very, very big thumbs up. To my ears (and to those of Telarc's engineers, as well as other recording company's engineers) SACD has no peer. Insofar as DVD-A, even Telarc has abandoned that format in favor of the SACD, which they believe to be superior.
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