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Default Re: Are Plasma HDTVs On Their Way Out the Door?

To me the most appealing factor of LCD's are their weight. Much lighter than plasma's. But I have yet to see an LCD that performs as well as a 1080p Panny or 1080p Pioneer Kuro.

Sony XBR CRT's were great, but a 34" widescreen that weighs a ton is rather passe these days for a true large media room experience. If you have the room in your bedroom for one of those beasts it certainly is a great HDTV.

Most LCD's sold (and most plasma's for that matter) are cheaper and not top notch HDTV's. I am reminded of the extreme popularity of "lossy" MP3 recording with the success of the cheaper sets that don't perform with deep blacks and great shadows--nevermind sharp and accurate colors.

No doubt people buy what they can afford and that undoubtedly leaves the edge to the majority of non-critical consumers to LCD's at their current state of the art.

Who knows how long it will take OLEDS to be at a Panny 1080p 58" price--or even a Pioneer 50" or 60" price. Quite a few years I suspect.

Yes, the high priced best performing LCD's have shortened the distance between the best plasma's, but as of yet I have never seen (although I'm sure they exist) people that prefer the best 52" LCD over a 50" or 60" Pioneer Kuro.

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