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Default Re: Rocky Balboa on Blu-ray reviewed

I saw this last night, Sly must have been pumping 'roids like mad to get that buff @ like the 60 he is! Oh wait, he did get caught with a whole pile of 'roids recently didn't he??

I think he really should have had some sclero-therapy on those varicose veins on his right shoulder though... they were pretty scary! I was more worried one of those was going to break during the fight than he would bleed from his face.. which I expected.

It's kind of amazing, the movie was almost the same as the first one, just with an older man and the characters more politically correct. Remember Paulie beating up his sister Adriann in the first one?? That wouldn't fly nowadays, so they made Paulie remorseful for hiis ways, ahhhhhhhh!
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