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Default what are the real reasons for upgrading a processor?

I'm asking this question from a standpoint of how I use the unit.

My Rotel 1066 passes only 7 channels of audio but no video thru it's circuits. the video signals, cable TV and the Oppo DVD connect directly to my 60" Pioneer Kuro via HDMI cables.

I happen to be very happy with the Rotel's ability to produce a great surround sound experience. I personally think having 7 speakers and a sub woofer in a 12' x 14' dedicated room along with a 3 x 250 WPC amp driving the front 3 speakers and 2 Rotel 200 WPC amps driving the 4 surround speakers along with a high quality self powered sub and proper wall treatments for acoustics are the reason the room sounds so good!

This brings me to the original thought, why should I buy a new processor for close to $2000.00 when I can modify my Rotel with a power supply and op amp upgrade along with lowering the noise floor for $500.00?? What am I missing here?
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