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Default Re: Denon 3838CI Streaming Video

Originally Posted by TheMoose View Post
I'm not sure what a NAS is but Yes I can stream all the media (pictures, music & video) from my computer to the Denon using either the Playstation 3 or the DirecTV HR20 HD-DVR.
Network Area Storage: All my files sit on a box on the network. Nothing except software is on the PCs. I use a Linksys ReadyNAS NV+. Nice investment. 1TB now, can support 64TB in sort-a RAID5 configuration.

It sends me emails when it goes on UPS power. I have TwonkyMedia on it for DLNA of music to the Denon. And it has a print server, so I have one shared printer on it. (it supports 2)

Sorry to see I am not the only one with the reverse buyer's remorse syndrome!
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