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Default Re: DirecTV Media Share PC

Originally Posted by pws442 View Post
Well, that is kinda cool! I have been busy over on the dbstalk forum (, and, from what you say, when I place the HR20 on my network, it should see the shares on my NAS, and Twonky (if DLNA), UPnP otherwise, should be able to send stuff to the Sat box, and then to my Denon (via HDMI), and then to my Mits.

The navigation menu on the HR20 is OK?

Thanks again!
Yea the navigation menu is OK, nothing great but that's the way it's been since DirecTV manufactures all the boxes to their specs.
I always preferred the aftermarket boxes, they had much better user interfaces.

If you don't already have one you may not get a HR20, I think they are being phased out of the supply line for the HR21.
The 2 boxes are very similar but the HR21 does not have OTA antenna inputs & if you want OTA on it you'll have to get the AM21.

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