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Default Olde cables, what to do with them; DVI-D, S-Video....

Well, I spent today doing some much needed cleaning in my office, it hadn't been really gone through in a couple years, so it was getting pretty funky. One thing that lives in my office is the infamous reviewers 'box'.

That huge box that is full of countless cables from multiple manufacturers, lengths, formats etc. I have speaker cables for plain 14g wire to $3,500 Bi-Wire cables in there, and interconnects from garbage included jobs to $1,000 digital cables (actually they have been well protected in a 'sub-box' but that is another story...).

I went through and threw out many of the cheapo stuff, and some crappy cables I spent good money on, but I have a lot of cables it bothered me to toss. I have a long (20-25') DVI-D and DVI-D to HDMI cables, many 1-2 meter DVI-D cables, several good Monster 1000 Silver video S-Video cables, component cables and the like.

My question is what do you do with these?

I doubt anyone is using DVI-D anymore, much less S-Video and I can justify keeping the component as I use them to evaluate pre/pro's scalers, but what to do with the $200-$500 DVi-D cables I bought only a few years ago???
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