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Default Re: Denon 3838CI Streaming Video

Originally Posted by pws442 View Post
I suppose it is a hardware issue. As to the $1000, well, once you have spent $1500 on the 3808, is it a reverse buyer's remorse syndrome that ONLY another grand would have gotten you video streaming, wireless, HD radio, and the fourth zone?

I do not have satellite service, but I have a dual-tuner HD-DVR from my cable company that I run to the receiver, and then to the TV. Do you run everything to the Denon first, then to the TV? If not, why not?

I wanted to stream movies I have on my NAS (where my music resides) to the Denon. Can you get stuff to your entertainment system that way?

Oh I absolutely had reverse buyers remorse about not going ahead & getting the 4308ci, besides what you mentioned you get better quality amps & a second HDMI output, while I love my 3808ci if I were buying now I wouldn't hesitate to get the 4308ci!
Yes all my video & audio from the Sat box, DVD & Blu-Ray player (PS3) runs to the Denon with HDMI, I removed the speakers from my TV so all audio goes through the Denon.

I'm not sure what a NAS is but Yes I can stream all the media (pictures, music & video) from my computer to the Denon using either the Playstation 3 or the DirecTV HR20 HD-DVR.
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