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Default working on new HT now; couple of questions...

hi all. trying my best to figure out location of everything in a basement remodel before the sheet rock goes up. i'm pretty sure i've got the speaker (5.1) placement figure out, but will be running extra 12 AWG and subwoofer cable elsewhere to have some options.

1st question:

i'm still unsure about where to locate the cablevision cable box (for HDTV 42" plasma) and DVD player (will prob. upgrade to Blu-Ray eventually) and, accordingly, which cables to prewire. here's my thinking:

one corner of the basement will be the home theater area, with the HDTV mounted on the wall and the couch positioned more or less in the center of the room facing that wall. there will be a bar area in the opposite corner from the tv corner (about 35 feet away) and i would prefer to locate the amp rack and associated components in the bar area to keep all that stuff out of reach of the kids, etc. the cable box and DVD player under the tv (the only items the kids/wife will care about) or with the other equipment at the rack?

here's my dilemna, and i just don't understand enough to make a decision. if everything is located at the rack, what cables do i need to prewire from the rack to where the TV will be mounted (excluding speakers wires)? a looooong HDMI cable, which i understand can be expensive?

if the cable box/DVD player is under the tv, what cable needs to be run back to the amp? an "optical cable" is what i think i've read, but again this will be a 35 foot run and is that advisable/affordable?

as i don't have much time, i think i'll run a conduit between the two positions to be safe and then all can be figured out later (i haven't even figured out what amp, components, etc. i'll be selecting -- starting from scatch here -- and no doubt those will influence the system and layout.

my 2nd question:

is it necessary to have the circuit for the subwoofer be a dedicated 15A or 20A? i'm ultimately planning to go pretty big on the subwoofer (big room), so should i tell the electrician i need a dedicated 20A? unfort. the subwoofer placement I'm just not sure about yet and i was figuring on running cable to 2 different spots and I don't know if this will create too much of an expense

sorry for the long post. any guidance appreciated
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