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Talking What's you dream system?

I get asked this alot as everyone knows I'm sort of pathologically into this hobby... So here are some of mine......

My first and foremost a reference HT rig:

Meridian 861/800
Mark Levinson ML 436 (five)
Revel Ultima Salon/Voice/Studio (studio for surrounds) (waiting on there new sub)
EMM Labs CDSD SE/DAC6eSE (for SACD playback)
Toshiba HD XA2
Sony BDP-S1
Runco Projector
Runco XP-65 DHD 1080p plasma for daytime viewing
All wired in Transparent Opus IC and speaker wire
All run on separate dedicated lines with an isolated star ground, only wish this met code where I currently live!

OK, that one is nice, but I also would like a little office system.... That would go to Chord, the makers of the coolest looking components I've ever seen and some amazing sound too. For the office system, I'd want the full Choral rig;

Blu transport
DAC 64
Prima preamp
two of the Mezzo 140's, bridged for mono operation
The Aspire stand of course! All in brushed aluminum.
Speakers; Tetra 305's

I have a two channel rig I'd put together too, but until I actually get my retirement (win the lottery) I won't see it.

If cost was no object, what would you do??
Ken Taraszka, MD
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