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Thumbs down Toshiba knows no shame, plans to release super resolution dvd player

toshiba knows no shame plans to release super resolution dvd player

From Engadget,

Nothing too notable here -- just that Toshiba is apparently fixing to unveil a brand new DVD player in the age of Blu-ray that will be "capable of producing high-resolution images from regular DVDs." As you're laughing heartily, ponder this: are we looking at a simple upconverting DVD player? Or will that Cell-based SpursEngine chip bring "super-resolution" to a standalone deck? According to unnamed sources cited by Daily Yomiuri Online, the planned release "signifies an effort to recover from a humiliating setback suffered in March after announcing its decision to withdraw from its HD DVD business." We really cannot fathom why Tosh would even dream of fighting BD with souped-up DVD, but reportedly, it plans on marketing the unit "as a device with which consumers can enjoy a broader array of content than is available in the Blu-ray format." Congratulations Toshiba -- we thought it couldn't get any lamer than HD VMD, and you handily proved us wrong.

Looks like adding insult to injury here, Toshiba is basically saying , ya know all that money you spent on our hd-dvd players & movies that we quit making, well you wasted your money because we are now making super resolution dvd players!!

All this will do is give the diehard hddvd fanbois something else to bash Blu-ray with!
Toshiba can say what ever they want but super resolution or not they are not going to make a dvd sound or look as good as a Blu-Ray!

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